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Meet Our Endorsed Candidates

During the 2020 and 2022 election cycles the Alpha PAC endorsed candidates included such notable elected officials as United States Senator Rapheal Warnock, United States Congressmen Bobby Scott, Danny Davis, Gregory Meeks, David Scott, Emanuel Cleaver, II, Al Green and Steven Horsford.

Additionally, Alpha PAC served as an early supporter of Attorney Jennifer McClellan in her special election. Representative McClellan's successful election resulted in her becoming the first African American female elected to Congress from Virginia.

Please send the completed questionnaire to

Please send the completed questionnaire to

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Now more than ever, our candidates of color need support to succeed in their public service roles. Our history and democracy are under attack, as duly elected public officials are unjustly removed from their roles, and states make it more difficult for people in our community to vote. 

As a proud Alpha man, I wholeheartedly support the work of The Alpha PAC to support incumbents like myself and future office holders. We need more people to support the Alpha PAC's work so that it can have a greater positive impact on our democracy!

- Rep. Steven Horsford

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